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About Ramen Noodle's thickness....

Ramen Noodles have special numbers which define the thickness of the noodles. What's mean?

In the Japanese Industry Standard, JIS, the noodle's thickness is determined by the number, like #24, #22, #20, #18, #16, #14 and so on. These numbers define the noodle's thickness. In general, the higher number's noodles are thinner than the lower's. For example, #24 noodles are thinner than #20. #16 noodles are thicker than #22.

You know what? These numbers are calculated as follows.

The noodle number = Width: 30mm / Noodle's Thickness: xx mm

This means how many noodles can be taken from the width 30mm. For example, #22 noodles can be calculated by the following.

30mm / 22 noodles = 1.363mm.

Here at Hero's Ramen x Sushi, we use #24 noodles. As we mentioned before in our blogs, "What is Red Ginger, Beni-Shoga?" and "Tonkotsu Means...", our Tonkotsu ramen is based on "Hakata Tonkotsu Style." Since the Hakata Tonkotsu style uses thin noodles, we use #24.

Usually, the noodle thickness is decided by the soup. For example, the soy-sauce-based ramen uses #22, and the miso ramen uses #20.

We hope you can enjoy both of our flavors while checking the noodle's thickness.

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