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San Antonio, TX

Our goals

Have you ever tasted “Real Japanese Ramen?”


We serve genuine Japanese Ramens in San Antonio!


Hero’s Ramen x Sushi is the first ramen & sushi restaurant managed by Japanese in San Antonio, Texas. Our concept for this restaurant is the harmony of Japanese food culture for ramen and sushi. 


We have a commitment to our dishes.


First, we use softened water. Japanese foods are based on the softened water and the water changes the Japanese foods’ tastes well or badly. We use the softened water for not only ramen but also sushi rice and so on. We strictly stick to high quality with water. In order to accomplish our goal, we are consulted by Seki Water System LLC, a Japanese water treatment specialist.


Second, we keep an eye on the way for making ramen soup. We strictly follow traditional Japanese cooking methods to make ramen soup. We use a pressure cooker to make the ramen soup and it enables to make it for a dramatically short time. Since it is only us to use the pressure cooker in Texas state currently, our ramen soup’s thickness is obviously different from others. We make our ramen soup from scratch by hand every day so that only Hero’s Ramen x Sushi can make the creamy delicious soup.


Third, we sell Japanese delicious snacks. Japanese snacks are popular all over the world. We sell these Japanese snacks in our retail section and would like to let San Antonio people know about them. Please come to our restaurant and enjoy these Japanese snacks!


The origin of “HERO”, a part of our restaurant name, is our heroes for Sushi, Ramen and side dishes.
The sushi hero can create delicious traditional sushi.
The Ramen hero can create delicious ramen soup using special knowledge about water.
The side dishes hero can create traditional popular Japanese side dishes.
We would like to create various heroes. So, the restaurant name is “Hero’s”!








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