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How to adjust spiciness for Ramen

Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen
Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen

Here at Hero's Ramen x Sushi, we offer spicy ramen. This spicy ramen is made by adding a spicy paste into the regular ramen bowl before serving.

A very common question we get is: "How spicy is spicy?" This is hard to answer because everyone has a different tolerance or preference for spice levels. Because of this, we suggest getting the "spicy on the side" when ordering. This means that we will put the spicy paste in a side dish instead of in the ramen. This gives the customer control over their spice level.

Spicy on the Side
Spicy on the side

Some customers prefer their spicy ramen even spicier. For these customers, we have a special spicy paste called "Fire Ball." This paste comes on the side and can be added in for an extra spicy bowl of ramen.

Fire Ball
Fire Ball

We also have ichimi available for adding spice into the ramen. Ichimi is a Japanese style chili pepper that can be found on every table in a silver dispenser. This does not change the flavor, it only adds spice.

At Hero's Ramen x Sushi, the customer has the control! Come in and try our spice levels!

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