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Hero's Ramen vs Non-Hero's Ramen

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

We have two categories for each flavor of our ramen. The difference is "Hero's" or "Non-Hero's." You can click here to see the list of our menu items.

Both the Hero's Tonkotsu Ramen and Hero's Miso Ramen come with all the toppings. These are three slices of pork chashu, bamboo shoots, black mushrooms, corn, an ajitama egg, green onions, and seaweed. On the other hand, the Non-Hero's ramen choices have one slice of pork chashu, green onions, and corn with the Miso or black mushrooms with the Tonkotsu. As you can see, the main difference between the Hero's and the Non-Hero's options are two slices of pork chashu, the bamboo shoots, the corn, black mushrooms, the ajitama egg, and the seaweed.

The price for the Hero's Ramen is $13.50 and the Non-Hero's Ramen is $11.00. The difference is $2.50. If you order a Non-Hero's Tonkotsu Ramen and add on the other toppings, it will be more expensive than ordering a Hero's Tonkotsu. For this example, we have listed the price of the extra toppings you would be paying for to add on.

- Two slices of pork chashu: $2.00

- The bamboo shoots: $1.00

- The corn: $1.00

- The ajitama egg: $1.00

- The seaweed: $0.50

The total is $5.50. If you order a Non-Hero's Tonkotsu ramen + the above toppings separately, the price is $11.00 + $5.50 = $16.50. Since Hero's Tonkotsu Ramen is $13.50, you can save $3.00 by ordering the Hero's version.

Both the Hero's and Non-Hero's are available as spicy options, described here. The prices for the spicy versions of our ramen are $13.95 for the Hero's and $12.00 for the Non-Hero's. Based on our calculations above, you can see you also save money getting the Hero's spicy version of the ramen. It is only $0.45 more to get a spicy Hero's in comparison to the $1.00 more you pay to get spicy Non-Hero's.

However, some customers do not want all of the toppings. If you prefer one slice of pork chashu and want to add one ajitama egg, the price would be $11.00 + $1.00 = $12.00. In this case, choosing Tonkotsu Ramen + the ajitama egg is cheaper. If you want three more $1.00 toppings, the Hero's Ramen is much cheaper than the Non-Hero's ramen. You can also always ask us to remove any toppings you do not want! We want you to have your perfect ramen experience.

Please enjoy our ramen with your favorite toppings!

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