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Today's Pick-Up [Sushi] : Shrimp Salad Roll

Shrimp Salad Roll

Today, we would like to spotlight our popular roll, the "SHRIMP SALAD ROLL!!"

The Shrimp Salad Roll is topped with shrimp, mayonnaise, and eel sauce. It is filled with masago, cucumber, lettuce, imitation crab, Japanese omelet, and seaweed.

This roll is unique because of the combination of ingredients. Every ingredient in the Shrimp Salad Roll is fresh. Our other shrimp rolls use deep fried shrimp, but in this roll we use pickled shrimp. The others are seen on the menu.

Be sure to stop by and try the Shrimp Salad Roll today! Also, we can take the order online, so you can pick up your sushi and ramen immediately. The online order is here! We look foward to seeing you!

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