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New Items, Japanese Tea, Arrived!

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Here at Hero's Ramen x Sushi's mini-store, the new Japanese tea has arrived. The tea leaves are farmed in Shizuoka, Japan, one of the most popular places for tea farming. They are manufactured by Sugimoto Tea Company. We now have four different kinds of tea for sale.

The first is "Sencha", the classic green tea. This is vegetal and has umami flavor. This Sencha is "Fukamushi", meaning it is deep steamed and finished with high roasting. This process gives the products a rich aroma and flavor that remains fresh for multiple steepings.

The second is "Kukicha", a floral and vegetal tea. This is made from tea stems. It is mildly sweet with great umami flavor and an intoxicating floral fragrance. Kukicha has a naturally high concentration of L-Theanine and a naturally low caffeine content. It helps ease your mind without putting you to bed, making this a popular tea to enjoy in the afternoon or evening.

The third is "Hojicha", an earthy and roasted tea. This is made from green tea stems, similar to the Kukicha, but is roasted at a higher temperature. This process makes the green tea richer in flavor and darker in color. Hojicha has a low caffeine conent and is a delightful treat that can be steeped multiple times.

The last is "Matcha Genmaicha", a vegetal and nutty tea. This tea is a comforting and aromatic blend. The tea has nutty and grassy initial flavor with a creamy umami finish. Genmaicha is one of the most popular Japanese teas- widely enjoyed all over the world.

We hope that these products help you relax and relieve your fatigue.

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