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Hero's Special Soy Sauce for Sushi

Hero's Special Soy Sauce

We use special soy sauce for sushi. Have you ever found the difference?

The soy sauce is very common and many people think that all brands of soy sauce are the same as others, but Hero's Ramen x Sushi's soy sauce is different!

What is the difference? As a matter of fact, Hero's Ramen x Sushi customizes the soy sauce to make it richer. We have felt that the regular soy sauce distributed from manufacturers has some lack of flavors so we invented new original soy sauce for sushi.

When you order sushi, we serve the special soy sauce. Please taste it. You should find the difference from the regular soy sauce.

We are very particular about the small things to make every dishes' quality high. Please taste our delicious sushi with the special soy sauce.

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